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Robert Fairchild, Jr. and NewFoundation Productions brings you AMAZING LOVE, a powerful and prayerful supplication and acknowledgement of God's love without limits, only possible because of his grace and mercy. You are invited to indulge in the one thing in your life that you cannot overdose on!

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This is the instrumental version, released as a single. 

Smooth Jazz with a vibrant 2drum opening, the African rhythm is back!! This instrumental version of Amazing Love! features an extended 2drum opening morphing into a smooth spiritual worship tune. Relax, give your stress to God, and celebrate your history that makes you a unique child of His.

From the NewFoundation Sound Factory! 

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New and exciting, "FAITHFULNESS!" is a collaboration between two of our artists and generates the expected outcome, a full musical interpretation that is easy to listen to. This exciting 2 for 1 deal includes two of our all time favorite singles, combining Hip-Hop and Rock!

The free second song is the original and much loved a Lord I Believe in You. Be sure to listen to the intro and you'll want to add it to your collection! If you appreciate the rock flair and a song with many engaging facets, this is the song for you.

Now just $2.99 for the CD by mail


Christside Souljahz points the way to redemption in no uncertain terms with this compilation of thought-provoking music-with-a-message! Hard hitting with real street cred, the lyrics have a depth that is refreshing in its honesty. Order this new release today!

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ICreate Music Group in association with NewFoundation Productions presents this modern Christian album featuring easy listening tracks with pointed messages, reminding one of a pop-soul-jazz-rap fusion that is smoothly and professionally delivered, which is easily absorbed. With 15 years of experience Christ Side brings the Word to the world for all to hear!

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Order the INVINCIBLE! CD now. The complete album and spectacular artwork will make a moving addition to your collection of spiritual joy. Worship and Praise along with this musical and prayerful rendition of classic and original works. 

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An encore to the original album. Remastered and reissued this version is even more exciting and inspirationally magnificent!! 

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Introductory Prayer + Song

Two Singles for the Price of One Sale!

Go to page 3 and order the new Single "Faithfulness!" and receive the Single "Lord I Believe in You" free!

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