Creating Music With A Positive Message

“Conquer Evil”


“Without God You Have Nothing..”

“The Battle Belongs To The Lord.” Part 2

“Relational Wars”

“The Simplicity Of Jesus Christ”

“Great God and Savior, you want to lead Us children of men by the hand so that in communion with You We learn how to live a true and meaningful existence. We thank You for everything We have already received. Guide Us still, We Pray. Through Your Spirit lead Us in all areas of our lives. Grant Us the Spirit, who can illuminate Our hearts to help Us find new courage and new strength and new recognition of the truth. All Our praise belongs to You, for you alone can quicken Us. You alone free Us from the pain of death and from all burdens, so that in spite of toil and struggle We may always be lifted up to You, Our God on high, to the Glory Of Your Name on Earth. Amen."

“Reflections” The only true reason for Our existence is to Love, Serve, and Worship God, love others, and fight evil through the lifestyle choices We make on a day to day basis Worrying is the process of envisioning a future without God. So, keep the Almighty on your mind.

“Do Not Be Deceived!”


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