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"True Believers"

In the Universal Consciousness of the Father God’s World, true well-rounded success is not dependent on an education, degrees, money or influence by this fallen world’s standards; it is when you align yourself within the context as to why you were created and where you fit in God’s plan. God’s destiny for you should be the definition of your life’s story.
For those of Us who claim Christ and are repping everyday for Our Lord, We need to stop incessant worry-planning! We need to draw Our minds back from the future to the present moment, where the Presence of the Lord lovingly awaits Us. We need to seek His face with a smile in Our hearts, knowing that He truly takes delight in Us. Talk with Him about all that concerns you and the tasks that are weighing heavily on you. Call out to Him for help as you set priorities according to His will. Then keep returning your focus to Him and to the work at hand. Inviting Him into your activities will increase your Joy and help you to be more effective.
When you need to take a break, remember that the Lord God is your resting place. His everlasting arms are always available to support you and hold you close. When you relax in His Company—waiting with Him for a time—this demonstrates genuine trust in Him. As you prepare to return to your tasks, make the effort to include Him in your plans. This protects you from worrying; it also helps you stay close to Him, enjoying His Presence.
“The Lord Loves The Just”
“Just A Closer Walk With Thee”
“Father God, Thank You for the many Blessings you have given me throughout my time here on earth. Thank You for the Insight, Knowledge, and Wisdom needed to function effectively in this fallen world. I pray that no evil will befall me, neither any sickness or disease be allowed to take over my Body. Thank You Lord for giving your Angels charge over me and my Loved ones and keeping Us safe in all Our ways. In Jesus Precious Name I Pray, Amen....”
“The Paradoxes Of Faithful Living”
“Do Not Fret”

“An Anatomy Of Sin And Disobedience:”

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