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You can go to church, read your Bible, and pray everyday, yet not love God as you should.  Loving God is a commitment and a heart attitude that results in obedience.  It's a focus: a daily decision to honor Him in all you think, say, and do.


We all have been given a choice.  A choice to walk in Love, Truth, Honesty, and Respect; A choice to Love Our fellow human beings by allowing the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit to become alive and fresh in Our souls and minds..or..We can follow the mandates and tenets of the world, Our flesh, and the devil.  As is quite evident these days, the latter choice runs rampant and prevalent in today's society.  We cannot serve two Masters.  Either We live and die by serving Our fleshly lusts, or We flourish and progress by God's Spirit.

The Choice is Yours!

"A Reason To Live"

Many people wonder whether life is worthwhile in these days of hate and revision.  Fear of an unknown future paralyzes them, and they tend to have pessimistic thoughts.

Despite how cheerless the future may appear, remember that life is precious and your life and the future are both in God's Hands.  The Life of the Believer is not ruled by blind fate.  The Father Yahweh Elohim Adonai Jehovah, is in control of every situation in which you find yourself.  He knows your needs and is always ready and able to provide for you.

As your faith grows and you begin to trust Him more, you will begin to realize the joy of life in Christ and be comforted by the presence of the unfailing love of God.  He is the Rock where you can align your Faithfulness and build your life.

Through His death and resurrection, Jesus not only gave you life, but also a reason to live.  Through His Holy Spirit He provides you with the means to cope with life.  Choose Life!  Speak Life!  ..and live it in the abundance of Jesus Christ, always honoring Him.

In the end, We will remember not the words of Our enemies but the silence of Our friends, family, and loved ones, as We took a leap of faith and became unconventional due to the directive given to Us by Jesus Christ.

"The Father God Remains Faithful"

Do not get it confused.  God does want your needs to be met abundantly so that in turn you can bless others.  However, to manifest this reality within your life, the motive of your heart must be to assist others in their times of lack, and establish God's covenant on earth through your lifestyle.  Your lifestyle is Your Ministry.

"Lord Jesus, do not let my anger and outrage in reference to what's going on in the world today minimize my capacity to Love.  Instead, let righteous anger stir in me a greater passion for Your great heart. In Your Name I Pray.  Amen."

"Change Your Thinking"

"Stop Being Intimidated"

"Time, Effort, & Energy"

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