Creating Music With A Positive Message

"What Are You Living For?"

Many people find life nothing more than a monotonous routine without meaning or purpose.  Day by day they go through the motions, always wondering what the meaning of life is.  Others are ambitious and do all they can to come out ahead of the pack.  But in their wild scramble to obtain worldly honors, they often sacrifice precious time and integrity.

Every person sooner or later starts seeking the true meaning of life.  When monotony dulls your spirit and luxury leaves your soul wondering "is this all there is?", or when the ladder of success collapses, you ask,  "What is the purpose of my life?"

The most meaningful reply has a spiritual basis.  Nobody who has a vibrant relationship with the living Christ needs to ask this question; they are too busy living an abundant life through the Power of Christ.

The glorious truth is that We are born to glorify God, to worship and serve him...point blank..period!     Monotony, frustration and a sense of futility vanish when your life is committed unconditionally to glorifying Him and walking in His purpose for your life.

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