Creating Music With A Positive Message

“How Great Thou Art!”

Many people find very little that is good or worthwhile in the world these days.  They resign themselves to what seems to be a hopeless and predictable future.  They are blinded to the glory and greatness of God because they put their trust in men and the way they govern the world.

To approach life with courage and steadfastness and to ensure tranquility of mind and inner peace, you need to constantly remind yourself of the wonderful deeds God has already performed in your life.

Meditate on the beauty of creation; consider all the daily blessings that you often take for granted but that sustain and enrich your life.

When you are tempted to regard this life as a failure, praise and Glorify God for the awesome wonder of life.  Praise will lift you above the things that are wrong with the world and open your eyes to the majesty and greatness of the omnipotent Creator Of heaven and earth.

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