Creating Music With A Positive Message

“Know The Grace Of God And Live!”  (1Peter 1:2)

More and more folks are searching for the ability to handle the problems of Our day with peace of mind.  Life has become extremely complicated for many, with all kinds of traps and obstacles along the way.

People tend to seek man made methods to handle what are spiritual problems.  Temporary solutions such as alcohol, drugs, and illicit sexual encounters provide a brief refuge that blocks out reality for awhile.  But the problem(s) do not disappear.  In fact, the physical and mental ability to handle problems diminishes and they end up feeling discouraged, depressed, and burdened with guilt, self-reproach and oftentimes suicidal tendencies.

There is only one sure method of handling your life with confidence despite what the world and unbelievers profess, and that is in the Power of Jesus Christ.  We here at Yahweh International are living witnesses. 

If you commit yourself and your life to Him unconditionally, then you can rest assured that He will give you the grace required to handle every problem.  You will thus be blessed with tranquility of mind, power and peace far beyond all human understanding.

This grace and peace become a reality in your life ONLY through Jesus Christ, there are not MANY ways just ONE way..take it or leave it, the choice is yours.  Don’t miss out and forfeit your soul!  And, for the Believers, don’t drift from Him and so forfeit what only He can give.

                                                                                                  ...time is drawing slowly to a close.

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