Creating Music With A Positive Message


“The Pleasures Of A Thankful Heart”

“Lord God I am amazed at the diversity, beauty and complexity of Your Creation. Heaven and earth are full of the Majesty of Your Glory and the created order points beyond itself to you. Give me a greater sense of Wonder and awe at all You have done and do not let me take Your Wonderful world for granted."

“Creator and Sustainer”


“The Directive”

“A Royal Priesthood”

“One Of A Kind”

“Christ Is The Resurrection And The Life!”

”Lord God, We thank you for your continued Grace and Mercy within Our lives despite the gross injustice and turmoil going on the world today. Please keep those of Us in the Body Of Christ Strong and Resilient, Fueled by your Spirit to fight the onslaughts of evil that is pressing forward in this fallen world. May We not become discouraged by the seeming worldly success of the evil ones, knowing that their time is coming and True Judgement And True Justice will finally prevail. In the Name of Jesus. Amen.”

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