Creating Music With A Positive Message

The Fire Of God 🔥

“A Light For Your Path”

“Seek His Face”

“With The Help Of You Father Yahweh Elohim Adonai Jehovah I will always have that of which I need, not only to receive, but also to give to others in kind.  Permit me to use these resources wisely.  There should be no preordained road closed to me.  If I should have need Lord God please show me the way to obtain it. I have faith Oh Lord, You Who Have Power To Give.  Help me to resolve any problems, and let me have Wealth and Health to share. In Jesus Name I Pray. Amen."

“Living In Christ”

“Entrust Your Loved Ones To God”


“No Condemnation”


“Blessed Discipline”

“A God Who Heals”

“Spiritual Accountability”

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