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There's a world of difference between performing for people's approval, and being free to minister to their needs because you know you already have God's approval.  Striving for approval is like any other drug; you can never get enough of it.  And like all junkies, you go crazy when it's withheld.  It places you at the mercy of other people's opinions, and as a result you live on an emotional roller coaster.  That's not how God wants Us to live.

When we're immature, We worry about what others think of Us.  But as We become more mature, we realize that most of the time they aren't thinking about Us at all.  They're too busy thinking about themselves - or worrying about what We think of them!  Knowing you have God's approval gives you the strength to deal with criticism and conflict because you're secure in your identity.  And your identity is this: You're redeemed, called and approved by The Father Himself.

Acquiring worldly success and monetary gain does not give one a license to lead a life of sin and debauchery.  Always remember, Satan has his chosen ones who he arranges to be placed on a pedestal to display moral and spiritual bankruptcy as if  "true success" warrants this "type" of behavior; this is perpetrated to bring other countless unsuspecting souls down to the pit of destruction.  As spiritually bankrupt people mimic this demented behavior in their own lives, their souls are stripped, bartered, sold and captured by the Prince of Darkness.

We live among people who glorify busyness; they have made a tyrant that controls their lives.  Even those who know the Father God and His Son tend to march to the tempo of the world.  They have bought into the illusion that more is always better: more meetings, more programs, more activity, more ripping and running.  There are those who can't sit still, always having to be busy and constantly moving, traveling, and gyrating all around their cities, and all around the globe (if they can afford it).  It's as if they can't stand to be with themselves and don't want to slow down long enough to hear God or their true selves; constantly running.

Jesus has called you to follow Him on a solitary path, making time alone with Him your first and highest priority and deepest joy.  It is a pathway largely unappreciated and often despised.  Choose the "better" thing which will never be taken away from you.  Moreover, as you walk close to The Anointed One, He can Bless others through you.

God wants your needs to be met abundantly!  However, in order to have TRUE riches, the motive of your heart must be to bless others and establish God's Covenant on earth through your lifestyle.  You lifestyle is your Ministry.

Just how serious are you about your spiritual responsibilities?  You need to give your all-in-all to God and steadfastly place your faith and Trust in Him.  This commitment is not just an emotional experience, but a lifestyle that has practical applications of your faith to everyday situations.

You need the inspiration, wisdom, and power of the indwelling Christ in your life to ward off the overtures of Satan in this corrupt age.  It is impossible to live as a redeemed person in your own strength.  If, however, you allow Christ into your life, allowing Him to reveal Himself through you, that which is impossible to you becomes possible through His Power.

Submitting to Christ so that He can work through you requires absolute surrender.  You are morally responsible for your actions, your behavior, and your attitudes.  You are responsible for the amount of time you spend in Prayer; your attitude toward other people; The thoughts you harbor in your heart.

In the final analysis you are responsible for what you are.  Only if you abide in Christ and He in you, will this become a reality in your life.

"Lord I pray that you will continuously open my Spiritual eyes so that I may see the world as You see it.  May my eyes be opened to witness True Beauty and to be able to perceive the difference between right and wrong and the clean and unclean.  In Your Name I Pray.  Amen."

To appreciate the greatness of God and to rejoice in the majesty of His creation elevates the human spirit above the pettiness that comes from a limited view of life.

When your life seems restricted by a lack of opportunities; when you have fallen into a rut from which you just can't escape,  then you begin to question the basic reason for your existence.     The direction in which your life is moving clearly shows what your priorities are.  If you seek financial success or social prestige to the exclusion of more important things, you may reach your goal but lose much more.

Because God created Us as spiritual beings, you can never be satisfied by worldly things.  The only thing that will fully satisfy anyone in this world whether they want to believe it or not, is a dynamic relationship with the living God.  This can be achieved only through a steadfast faith in Jesus Christ.  This faith encompasses your acceptance of Jesus as Lord, as well as allowing His Spirit to manifest Himself through you.  This will bring spiritual growth that will fill your life with new meaning...

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