Creating Music With A Positive Message

Better Instead of Bigger

"Lord our God, Our Father, We look deep into your mighty Word and see the glory of the new world you will create according to Your justice and truth.  We thank You for giving all of Us in the Body of Christ this joy in earth in the midst of Our toil and striving.  We look deep into Your Word.  You make all things new.  To this hope Our lives are directed, to this hope you have called me and I want to be faithful forever.  Praise to Your Name, for You have already done great things in my life.  Keep me in Your Word.  Let many find the light as I have so that they may look to You in simple faith and constancy until the end, when throughout the world We may see Your Glory and Your Grace.  In Jesus Name.  Amen."

"God's Validation is All You Need"

Keep bringing your mind back to the present moment.  Among all God's creatures, only humans can anticipate future events.  This ability is a blessing, but it becomes a curse whenever it is misused.  If you use your magnificent mind to worry about tomorrow, you cloak yourself in dark unbelief.  However, when the hope of Heaven fills your thoughts, the Light of the Father's Presence envelops you.  Though Heaven is future, it is also present tense.  As you walk in the Light with the Lord God, you have one foot on earth and one foot in heaven.


"Without God You Have Nothing"

We dream about what We want to do, and Our dreams determine the quality of Our lives. You can idly dream and allow the years to pass without achieving anything worthwhile. Or your dreams can inspire you to take action and you can conquer the world.

The dream that inspires you should be big enough to pose a challenge. If your dreams limit you to gathering material possessions or living a frivolous social life, you are not living up to your potential. As We have witnessed in these days and times, any "fool" can have and acquire money and possessions. As a matter of fact the devil loves to get behind a spiritually and morally bankrupt person and prop them up to confuse the masses and so-called "do-gooders."

Remember that YOU were created in the image of God. God has destined you for great things. If you're still among Us, there's still work for you to do. Cultivate a growing awareness of God's living presence in your life. Is it possible that your fascination with the things of this world hold a greater attraction for you than the Power and Beauty of the living God? Do material objects become of primary importance to you, and that which is important to God you set aside?

It is only by deliberately turning to the Father God and living according to His standards that you can determine the true value of life. Remember, without God you have nothing!


Always remember and recognize...God has placed people around you and in your life who have certain gifts and talents that when utilized, will bring out the best in you.  When you involve these people in your life they're fulfilled and the job or jobs get done right.  Despite what the purveyors of deception in this world say, God created all of Us to be interdependent, not independent.  Delegating authority to the right people will strengthen your Life, your Ministry, and your Business.  When you try to be "all things to all people" you will end up frustrated.  You are not called to do it all, but to get it done through others.  That's what True Leadership is all about!

"Love Is The Answer"

Decision-making is often very complex.  The choice you make today may influence your future, finances, personal life, career and family.  Whatever the circumstances, unless you remain level-headed, you run the risk of being overwhelmed by the anxiety of uncertainty, and your fear of the consequences and the unknown.

You need the guidance and Wisdom of God's Holy Spirit to provide you with clarity of thought and vision.  He has an eternal perspective, while you can only see the here and now.  For this reason, and so that you can obtain peace of mind, it is essential to pray constantly for the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

To prepare yourself for this guidance, you need to develop an intimate, personal relationship with the living Christ, so that your thoughts can be focused on His will for your life.  The more you love the Lord, the closer you will live to Him, and the clearer you will hear Him speak to you through the promptings of His Holy Spirit.

"Lord Our God, You fill heaven and earth with your Spirit and allow Us to share in Your gifts.  We thank You for all You have given Us, for all You are giving and will give.  Only You, through Your Spirit, can awaken something in Us to help Us go toward Your goal.  Keep Us from being caught up in what people do.  The greatest help for Our hearts is what YOU do.  Each of Us has received help beyond anything We had hoped or thought of.  How much You have already done for Us!  Yes, We do thank You for this present time, although oftentimes Our lives seem hopeless and full of sorrow, Your Powers are still among Us, working for Our good and awakening Us to New Life.  The time will surely come when Our hearts will be released from their hunger and We can and will be filled with the life from above, which you gave Us in Jesus Christ...Amen."

Do not become like those in the world whose desire is to assimilate rather than re-create.

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