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Prayer: The Challenge

soar with the eagles

"Growth Through The Truth"

Strive to be disciplined in the ways of Christ and not in the ways and timetables of this world.  Hold on to your identity and self-esteem in this corrupt age.  Watch out for the lies around you that seek to limit your potential.

Warfare in the church today is centered upon the fact that the devil wants Us to accept Christianity as it is - as though division, compromise, sin, and spiritual impotency were the ultimate reality God has provided for believers on earth.  Satan wants Us to agree with and thereby reinforce this deceptive view of the church.

There are many promises that are yet to be fulfilled concerning the people of God.  These are Holy and Noble purposes that shall unfold in these last days.  Therefore Our agreement must be with God's plan for a holy, undivided, powerful church, for He is calling Us to establish HIS Kingdom, not the status quo!

Do not be afraid to be different from other people.  The Path the Father has called you to travel is exquisitely right for you.  The more closely you follow His leading, the more fully He can develop your gifts.  To follow Him wholeheartedly, you must totally relinquish your desire to please other people.  However, your closeness to the Father will bless others by enabling you to shine brightly in this dark world.

Lord I do not want to walk according to my own plans or follow the vain imaginations of my heart.  May I be responsive to Your call and always return to You when I stray from Your ways. In Your Name I Pray.  Amen.

Honor God...

There's a world of difference between performing for people's approval, and being free to minister to their needs because you know you already have God's approval.  Striving for approval is like any other drug; you can never get enough of it.  And like all junkies, you go crazy when it's withheld.  It places you at the mercy of other people's opinions, and as a result you live on an emotional roller coaster.  That's not how God wants Us to live.

When we're immature, We worry about what others think of Us.  But as We become more mature, we realize that most of the time they aren't thinking about Us at all.  They're too busy thinking about themselves - or worrying about what We think of them!  Knowing you have God's approval gives you the strength to deal with criticism and conflict because you're secure in your identity.  And your identity is this: You're redeemed, called and approved by The Father Himself.

Acquiring worldly success and monetary gain does not give one a license to lead a life of sin and debauchery.  Always remember, Satan has his chosen ones who he arranges to be placed on a pedestal to display moral and spiritual bankruptcy as if  "true success" warrants this "type" of behavior; this is perpetrated to bring other countless unsuspecting souls down to the pit of destruction.  As spiritually bankrupt people mimic this demented behavior in their own lives, their souls are stripped, bartered, sold and captured by the Prince of Darkness.

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