Creating Music With A Positive Message

“His Mysterious Ways”
The Ways Of God are mysterious and unpredictable, but they are good. When you look at world events—with so much rampant evil—it’s easy to feel fearful and discouraged and just downright pissed at the promotion of vulgarity in Our society. It’s hard to comprehend why God would allow such suffering, cruelty, and perversion. The difficulty lies in the fact that He is infinite and We are not. Many things going on are simply beyond Our comprehension and/or understanding. But do not despair. When you reach the limits of your understanding, trusting the Father will carry you onward and upward. Always affirm your trust in Him through silent and spoken prayers. Stay in communication with Him.
Don’t get trapped in a posture of demanding to know “Why?” That is the wrong question to ask The Infinite Creator Of The Universe. The right questions are: “How do you want me to to view this situation?” and “What do you want me to do right now?” You cannot change the past, so start with the present moment and seek to find His way forward. Trust the Lord God one day, one moment, at a time. Do not fear for He is with you. He will strengthen you and help you.

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