Creating Music With A Positive Message

“An Anatomy Of Sin And Disobedience:”
READ (Psalm 36:1-4)
Fearing and Respecting God (verse 1) is not mere belief in Him. It is to be so filled with joyful awe before the Magnificence Of God that We tremble at the privilege of knowing, serving, and pleasing Him. Disobedience and sin shrugs at God. Its essence is failing to believe not that He exists but that He matters. This attitude is deadly. Fear of God and self-understanding grow or diminish together. Indifference toward God is a form of self-conceit (verse 2). To feel no need for God is to be out of touch with reality—such people have “ceased to be wise” (verse 3). What starts as mere overconfidence can grow into dishonesty and cruelty (verse 4). Sin and Disobedience is Spiritual Cancer.

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