Creating Music With A Positive Message

“Trusting In His Guiding Presence”
Unlike the heathens of the world, the steps of a Believer are directed by God. When the path that lies before you is veiled in uncertainty, the best thing you can do is cling to the Father. Picture a young child walking along busy city streets with a trustworthy adult. The child may feel overwhelmed by all the sensory stimulation—fearful of getting separated and losing her way. However, if she keeps holding onto the adult’s hand, she will come safely to her destination. Similarly, as you clasp the Hand Of God for help and guidance, you are ultimately safe.
Though you may not know the way you should go, you Do know the One who is THE WAY. Because the Lord God is sovereign over your life, He directs your steps and makes them sure even when they seem random to you. Talk with the Father about your uncertainty, your fear of making wrong decisions. The most important choice you make moment by moment is to stay in communication with the Lord God. This is how you cling to Him. This is how you trust His Guiding Presence to keep you safe.

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