Creating Music With A Positive Message

“Follow His Lead”
As Believers, We must be willing to follow God’s lead, daily. We must open ourselves more fully to Him. Don’t get so focused on what you want that you miss the things The Lord God has already prepared for you. Relax with Him while He slowly but surely transforms you by the renewing of your mind—working His newness into your innermost being. Trust Him enough to let go of your expectations and demands. Be still, and know that He is God.
Sometimes We obstruct the very things We desire by trying too hard to make things go according to Our will and timing. He knows the desires of Our hearts, and He also knows the best way to reach those goals. Instead of striving to be in control so We can get what We want, We must seek His Face. Talk with Him openly, and rest for awhile in His Presence. When you are feeling more refreshed, invite the Lord God to show you the way forward. He will guide you along the best pathway for your life. He will advise you and watch over you.

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