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The people of the world today do not like to mention or talk about the consequences of sin. So much of what the Word Of God calls sin is practiced today as a lifestyle choice.
People with faith trust God; people who sin fear God in an unhealthy way.  Fear being prevalent not as a sign of respect but as a form of degradation.  At the core, those who fear God are sinning even if they have not lied, stolen, or committed adultery.  So often We attach Our actions with the word sin, but sin has different meanings and connotations.
Sin is not merely breaking the rules, although breaking God’s moral code is indeed sin.  The greatest sin—the BIG sin—The sin that leads to all other sins, is Our broken relationship with God; it’s rebelling, being fearful, being worrisome, telling God no, and it is caused by believing Satan’s lies.  When that sin is corrected—when We are brought back to love, trust, and admire Our God—then the other sins will go away.  We won’t need to protect Our fragile egos.  We must address the relational atonement first.  Otherwise, We may only create a legalistic, outward, behavioral change without an accompanying change in heart.

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