Creating Music With A Positive Message

“Blessed Discipline”
READ Psalm 94:11-15
In many cases if all Our inward thoughts on Monday were somehow put out on the Internet on Tuesday, We would lose all Our friends.  We think We can hide Our oftentimes self-indulgent, cruel, envious, lustful thoughts, but God sees (verse 11).  That is why Wise Believers actually rejoice in discipline, the kind of trouble that drives them to God’s law and Word (verse 12).  Through this they get “relief” (verse 13), a word that means “inward quietness in face of outward troubles.”  While God may test and refine Us, He won’t abandon Us (verse 14) despite Our sin.  Why not?  It is because the Almighty passed sentence on evil and everyone here and now who swears allegiance to it, and then suffered the punishment Himself in Jesus.  So, We can know “He will NEVER forsake His Inheritance.” (verse 14).

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