Creating Music With A Positive Message

“No Condemnation”
For The Believers
We, more than ever, in these days and times must trust God and not be afraid.  The Lord God wants Us to view trials, tribulations and setbacks as exercises designed to develop Our trust muscles.  We live in the midst of fierce spiritual battles, (just look around) and fear is one of Satan’s favorite weapons.  When you start to feel anxious or afraid, affirm your trust in the Lord.  Speak out loud, if circumstances permit. Resist the enemy in the Name of Christ Jesus, and He will slink away from you.  Refresh yourself in His Holy Presence.  Speak or sing praises to Him, and His Face will shine radiantly upon you.
Always remember, “there is no condemnation for those who belong to Our Lord.” You have been judged NOT GUILTY for all eternity.  We must always trust Christ and not be afraid or intimidated by the world; for HE is Our Strength, Song, and  Salvation and HE has overcome the world.

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