Creating Music With A Positive Message

For The Believers
“A Source Of Strength”
AS THE WORLD GROWS INCREASINGLY DARK, remember that ‘You Are The Light Of The World.’ Don’t waste energy pondering over bad things in which you have no control. Pray about these matters, but refuse to let them haunt your thoughts. Instead, focus your energies on doing what you can to brighten the place where God has planted you. Use your time, talents, and resources to push back the darkness. Shine the Light of Christ into the world.
Our Lord God is the True Light that shines on in the darkness—even in the most terrible conditions. Your Light originates in Christ and reflects from you. Jesus has called you to reflect His Glory! You do this most effectively by becoming more and more fully the one He designed you to be. Spend ample time seeking His Face, beloved. Focusing on the Lord God’s Presence and His Word helps Us to grow in grace and discern His will. Your time spent with Jesus nourishes your soul, providing comfort and encouragement. Thus He strengthens you and will enable you to be a source of strength for others.

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