Robert Fairchild

2014/Re-issue, Re-mix. Up-beat smooth jazzy sounding Gospel music, easy on the ears and good for the soul.

(2014/Re-issue, Re-mix). Robert Fairchild has been in the music business for the last twenty-five years doing stand-in back-up vocals for a variety of artists and musical concerns. He comes from a show business family "Josephine Baker, Jeanette Baker, Johnny Flamingo." Josephine Baker is his distant Aunt, Johnny Flamingo and Jeanette Baker are his parents. After much disillusionment with the many years in secular music, Robert has finally re-emerged after a fifteen year hiatus to record a preview Christian Contemporary record entitled. "Trinity" He also has established NewFoundation Productions. NewFoundation will concentrate on recording contemporary Christian Music, along with Christian rap, contemporary easy listening,and Christian jazz formats.

"Trinity" was orginally released in 2003. We re-issued and remastered/remixed this cuurent version for 2014. You will be inspired and truly enjoy the improvements!

The NewFoundation Music Production Team

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