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“The Fear Of Man”
THE FEAR OF MAN IS A SNARE.  A snare is a kind of trap - something that entangles Us making it difficult for Us to escape.  “Fear Of Man” involves being overly concerned about what others think of Us.  It’s an unhealthy, ungodly focus - seeing Ourselves through the eyes of others. This fear can be crippling, and it is full of distortions.  Other people’s views of Us are oftentimes distorted by their sinful nature. Furthermore, it’s almost impossible to know what a person is thinking about Us.  When We view Ourselves from others’ perspectives, We add Our own distortions to theirs.  As We strive to present an acceptable “persona,” We become trapped.
When We realize that fear of mankind is motivating Us - controlling Our thoughts and behavior - We must call on Our Lord.  At Our request(s), He will forgive Us for making others’ views of Us into an idol;  He will help Us break free from these entanglements.  We must at these times affirm Our trust in the Lord and take time to enjoy His Presence.  As We forget about Ourselves and focus on Him, Our Loving Lord, We will grow
increasingly free!

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