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Do You Feel Ostracized?
BEING A CHILD OF THE KING, who can be against you?  It is essential for you to grasp that the Lord God is truly for YOU.  This is a PROMISE for all of God’s followers.  When things are not going your way and people you trusted turn against you, it’s easy to feel as if you’ve been abandoned.  At such times it’s vital to tell yourself the truth:  the Lord is not only WITH you always, He is also FOR you all the time.  This is true on days when you perform well and on days when you don’t, when
people treat you well and when they don’t.
If you really understand and fully believe that He is for you, then all fear and doubt will diminish and you can face adversity more calmly.  Knowing that Christ will never turn against you gives you confidence to persevere in tough times.  Yeshua Jesus approves of you, beloved, because you are His!  Remember, it is HIS opinion of YOU that prevails - and will continue to prevail throughout eternity.  No person and No ‘thing’ WILL BE ABLE TO SEPARATE YOU FROM HIS PROTECTION AND LOVING PRESENCE; TRUST AND BELIEVE!

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