“Blessed To Bless”
READ Psalm 67
Like Abraham, those of Us who have accepted Christ in Our lives, are blessed (verse 1) only that We might be a blessing to all the peoples of the earth (verse 2; Genesis 12:2-3). If you truly enjoy something, you instinctively want to help others to praise it too. Praising it to others “completes the enjoyment.” So True enjoyment of God must lead naturally to Mission—to helping others see the beauty you see. The Father never draws Us in except to send Us out—to serve and reach others. We want a multiethnic, international church Of worshippers and a world of justice (verses 3-4). We must not take credit for Our own blessings but point beyond ourselves to God...
“Please keep little Natalie Jo Cornell in your prayers. She was born at only 12oz birth weight the other day.”

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