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“The World’s Glorification Of Evil” Don’t Worry About Evil People or allow yourself to be
consumed by their misdeeds. Don’t fret about their
seeming prosperity and wicked schemes. In this day
of instant communication, We have access to so much information and news that it’s easy to feel left out and/or
overwhelmed. Not only do We HEAR about evil people
and their wicked and immoral schemes and lifestyles, We
also see at times the graphic details. This visual imagery
has a powerful impact on Our brain chemistry. A steady diet of such abuse, filth, carnage and immorality can make
Us anxious and fearful.
We must pray about world events and pursue peace as We
are able. However, it’s crucial to recognize what We can
change and what We cannot. Worrying about things that
are beyond your control will drain your energy and
discourage you. Instead of this hurtful focus, endeavor to
‘fix your thoughts on the Lord God.’ He is with you and for
you. We must continually delight Ourselves in Him!
Remember, the Father Yahweh Elohim Adonai Jehovah is
a God of Justice and He knows everything. Eventually He
will right all wrongs. So be still in His Presence—trusting
in Him with a steadfast heart while waiting for Him to act. Yahwehinternational.com Yahwehinternationalinc.com NewFoundationproductions.com

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