As Believers We must seek to become increasingly receptive and responsive to Our Lord. He is always actively involved in Our lives. Instead of trying to force Him to do what We want, when We want it, We must learn to relax and look for what He is already doing by living in a receptive mode—waiting for Him, trusting in His timing. We must ask Him to open Our eyes to see all that He has for Us. Such awareness helps Us live responsively,ready to do His will.
We often fail to see the many blessings the Lord God already has showered upon Us. We oftentimes get so busy looking for other things that We miss what is before Us—OR is on the way. We forget God is Sovereign and the timing of events is HIS prerogative.
If We would only truly trust Him enough to let Him lead, many of Our daily missteps would disappear. When a couple is dancing, one of them leads and the other follows. Otherwise, there is confusion and awkwardness. Dance with Him, beloved. Follow His lead as He guides you gracefully through your life.

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