Word For The Day

“Training Seasons”
Those of Us in the Body Of Christ, must constantly be aware that the Father Yahweh Elohim Adonai Jehovah is training Us to be overcomers—to find joy in the midst of circumstances that previously would have defeated Us. Our ability to transcend trouble is based on this rock-solid fact: the Lord God has OVERCOME the world. Through Jesus Christ the ultimate Victory has been won! Nonetheless, as the Word Of God has taught Us, We will have trouble in this world, so expect to encounter many difficulties as you journey through life. We inhabit a planet that is always in flux and at War, and the enemy of your soul never rests. However, We must not be afraid, because He who is in Us is greater than He who is in the world. This is good reason to rejoice!
When We are in the midst of challenging circumstances, it is crucial to keep trusting Christ. Whisper “I trust You, Jesus” as often as you need—remembering He is always near. Ask Him to help YOU learn all that He has for you in this trial. Look for flowers of Joy growing in the rich soil of adversity. The sunlight of THE LORD’S FACE IS SHINING UPON YOU, beloved.

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