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“The Paradoxes Of Faithful Living”
READ Psalm 37:22-20
Believers sometimes seem weak, but they are ultimately strong.  We are “persecuted but not abandoned” (2Corinthians 4:9; verses 12-15).  Those who live for their own power may have temporary success, but sin sets up the strains in the fabric of life that will lead to breakdown.  “Their swords” in various ways “will pierce their own hearts” (verse 15). Also, “having nothing,” We “yet possess everything” (2Corinthians 6:10; verses 16-20) Righteousness is no guarantee of prosperity.  It is possible to be faithful and hardworking and end with “little” (verse 16).  Yet riches can erode quickly and can’t help you in the next life, so only God Himself - and His unfailing love for you - are investments that never lose their value.

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