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“The Gift Of Life”
EVERYTHING WE HAVE IS A GIFT from God, including each breath We breath.  He showers so many blessings on All of Us Believers and non-believers, that it’s easy to take some of His Precious Gifts for granted.  Most people don’t recognize the Wonder Of INHALING His Life continually.  Yet it was only when He breathed the  ‘Breath of Life’ into Adam that He BECAME A LIVING BEING.
This morning, this afternoon, this evening, whenever you sit quietly in His Presence, try thanking the Lord silently each time you inhale.  As you exhale, affirm your trust in Him.  The LONGER you do this, the more relaxed you will become.  While you are taking time with Our Lord God, He will help you appreciate and thank Him for blessings you often overlook: skies and trees, light and colors, loved ones and daily comforts.  The list is endless!  The more you look for good things in your life, the clearer your vision becomes.  Cherish This Truth We Give You!
Of course, your greatest gratitude should be for ‘eternal life,’ which is yours because you believe in Him.  This is a priceless forever-gift that will fill you with ever-increasing JOY IN HIS PRESENCE!
Have A Great Weekend!

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