Word For The Day

Read Psalm 78:44-53
The Plagues God inflicted on Egypt were natural disasters.  He made the Nile River undrinkable.  That forced frogs out of the marshes, where they died.  Their carcasses led to a plague of flies and gnats, which in turn led to epidemics. The unraveling of nature in Egypt points to a crucial truth.  God created the world, so when We disobey Him and His laws of morality We unleash forces of chaos and disorder.  Notice the ”plagues” of destruction that have most recently been unleashed on Our societies and the world as We know it.  When We, beings created to live for God, live instead for Ourselves and disrupt the moral mandates laid down by God, We violate His design for Us and play into Satan’s smokescreen of deception and immorality.  The ultimate plague is sin, and it will disintegrate all of Us without the antidote—the Grace Of God in Jesus Christ.

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