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“In Him We Have Peace”
WITH THE THREAT OF TERRORISM looming over planet Earth, some people are saying—and feeling— that no place is really safe.  In one sense, this is true.  Evil people, especially terrorists, are unpredictable and ruthless.  However, for Believers, there is no place that is actually unsafe.  Our ultimate home is heaven, and no one can rob Us of the glorious Inheritance that can never perish, spoil, or fade. Furthermore, God is Sovereign over everything, including your life and your loved ones.  Nothing can happen to you—or to them—except what the Lord God allows.
The Truth is, the world has been at war ever since the Fall.  The Fall in the Garden Of Eden rendered the earth a dangerous place where good and evil contend against each other continually.  So it’s crucial to be alert and self-controlled.  Remember that your ultimate enemy, the devil, has already been defeated.  Christ has overcome the world, and We are on the winning side—God’s side.  In Him We have Peace.  In Him We are always safe and secure.

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