“Just A Closer Walk With Thee...”
For those of Us who claim Christ and are Believers, We must always realize Our relationship with Him transcends all circumstances. This is why We can praise the Lord and enjoy His Presence in the middle of dark difficulties. To find Him in such times, exerts a lot of faith; but He is always near.
As Believers, We live on two planes simultaneously: the natural world, where adverse situations abound; and the supernatural world, where Christ reigns Supreme. Your trust-muscles empower you to experience His Presence even in Your hardest times. In fact, trials can both strengthen your faith and help you discern how much you actually trust the Lord.
Christ wants Us to work on strengthening Our trust-muscles. One way is to fill Our minds and hearts with Scripture. Another is to ‘Seek His Face Continually.’ Instead Of getting stuck in introspection, turn your thoughts toward Jesus. Make it a practice to affirm your faith in Christ frequently, whether you’re feeling confident or inadequate. Remember that your adequacy rests in your relationship with Him. The Lord God Almighty makes you READY FOR ANYTHING AND EQUAL TO ANYTHING AND ANYBODY BY INFUSING INNER STRENGTH INTO YOU!

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